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Volusia Jail Specific Questions and Answers

1. How many whites t-shirts can you bring with you?

You may bring: 3 white t-shirts, 3 pair of underwear, 3 ankle socks can be brought in by new intake inmates.

2. Can you bring your own meds?

Medication can be brought, but will not be administered until verified.

3. How do you buy commissary and how long does it take to get?

Commissary has several methods to attain. An inmate can order commissary 2 times per week and it is delivered within a few days. Their families can send them care packages that are delivered when the normal orders are delivered.  Also  we have what we call a go-cart that goes around once or twice a week that inmates can order directly from and it is instantly given to them. Inmates can order commissary using the tablets we provide or direct purchase from the go-cart. Families can send care packages from a link provided on the website. https://shop.icaregifts.com/shop

 4. How do you add people to your communication list?

Inmates can send a request to case management on the tablet to request someone be added to the inmate’s visitation list, this only applies when in-person video visitation is being conducted. For remote video visitation the person wishing to visit or communicate via messaging with the inmate would need to connect with the inmate through the Smart Communication website.


 5. How do you request administrative segregation? Who do you contact about an issue happening in the jail?

The public can call 386-254-1555 and ask to speak to one of the following:

Captain Smith
Captain Stormer
Lt. McBride
Lt. Gallenkamp

 7. How does gain time work generally?

County sentenced inmates get 5 days per month as long as they are working in some capacity and do not receive any disciplinary action.

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